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Randy Hoover Music Director

About Randy Hoover

Randy Hoover is a familiar face on the Orillia music scene. He has a Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education from the University of Western Ontario. He earned a Master's degree of Education from St. Mary's University and holds an Associate Diploma from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Trumpet Performance. Randy has taught music in high schools in Nova Scotia and Ontario and has played in bands such as The Sensations, the Leacock Brass Quintet, the Orillia Silver Band, the Orillia Silver Band Quintet and the Orillia Concert Band established by Stan Passfield and Bob Plunkett. Randy is the current music director of the Orillia Concert Band (2021) and most recently the Orillia Big Band (formerly known as Orillia's' Little Big Band). Randy also plays Flugal horn in the Phoenix Jazz Ensemble. He enjoys music from many genres and most recently Jazz has been a favorite. Randy is a gifted and talented music conductor.​​

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